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Generators Can Be Your Best Friend During Hurricane Season

Hurricane in Florence, SC, where Generac generators are needed.

It’s hurricane season again, and one thing that can really reduce your stress levels when storms are a regular occurrence is having a generator. Generators provide reliable backup power when trees bring down power lines or other storm damage keeps your home in the dark for a day or two. Our professionals here at Quality Service Company can provide you with generator recommendations as well as answer questions about how a generator can help protect your home.

Learn From the Past

Power loss is one of the most common occurrences in hurricane-related storms. In fact, about 2.5 million people lost power across five states during Hurricane Matthew and about 1.4 million customers lost power during Hurricane Florence.

Regular thunderstorms can often disrupt your power service as well, leaving your family without heating, cooling, lighting, refrigeration, or access to your appliances and electronic equipment.

If you’ve ever been without power for more than a few hours, you know how stressful life can get. You worry about your food spoiling or whether extreme temperatures will reach dangerous levels for your family. You wonder how you can prepare food and take care of regular hygiene needs. You fall out of touch with loved ones or can’t complete work-related tasks.

Take the time now to invest in a generator, so you don’t have to worry about those things this hurricane season.

Invest in a Permanent Generator

Many companies offer small, portable generators that require to be hooked up when needed. Although these are often better than having no generator at all, you may want to seriously consider investing in a permanent generator that begins working as soon as your regular power is disrupted.

Quality Service Company, here in Florence, offers and installs Generac® home backup generators to help South Carolina homeowners have more reliable emergency power. Since these generators are permanently installed and connected to your home’s electrical system, they turn on automatically when needed. Generac generators operate on natural gas or liquid propane.

Return on Investment

Having a permanent generator installed at your home provides some level of peace of mind that can be worth a great deal, especially during seasons of strong storms.

However, consider what you would save even if you only needed to rely on your generator for two or three days a year. Generators can save you money if you don’t need to replace your refrigerated and frozen food. They can also make it possible for you to live in your home after a storm has blown through, even if it takes the power company a few days to get your electricity back up and running.

On the other hand, if you lose power for a few days without a generator, you may have to move out of your home during that time. You could incur hotel or short-term housing costs and restaurant food expenses as well as disrupt your regular work schedule in order to keep your family safe and cared for.

Call Us About Generac

For more information about Generac backup generators as part of your hurricane-preparation efforts, call our team at Quality Service Company in Florence, SC. Our trained professionals can help you understand the benefits of Generac generators and provide quotes for installation, purchase, and delivery. Call us at 843-252-0360 or request service online.

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