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Image of a ductless system. What Is a Ductless AC?

What Is a Ductless AC?

July 17, 2023

The ductless system works, obviously, with no ducts, unlike a traditional air conditioner that uses them to carry air to your home’s vents. Instead, this system has an outdoor condenser unit located against the house or building.

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Planning to Remodel? Go Ductless! Image shows ductless AC unit mounted on home interior wall.

Planning to Remodel? Go Ductless!

January 25, 2023

You probably already know about the advantages of ductless heating and cooling systems—and how they can significantly lower your Manning home’s carbon footprint while improving your indoor air quality (IAQ).

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Ductless Maintenance

Ductless Maintenance

March 18, 2022

Quality Service Company extends a warm welcome to all South Carolina ductless mini split owners. 

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why ductless is the way to go

Why Ductless Is the Way to Go

August 19, 2021

You deserve the most comfort at the best price in your South Carolina home or business. You want reliable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) at reasonable prices. You want fresh, clean air so you and your loved ones can enjoy a healthy home.

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