Questions to Ask Before Using an AC Company

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Looking for a way to beat the summer heat and chilly winter air? Then an HVAC system may be the solution for you. Before you contact an HVAC company, however, it is best to be informed so that you can make the decision that is ultimately best for your household. The following are some questions to ask yourself before reaching out to an HVAC company.
1.       What type of system do I need? This will depend upon the size of your home and space available.
2.       Can previously installed ductwork be utilized with the new system? Determine if the ductwork has any issues with leakage, if it needs cleaning, when it was originally installed, etc. If there is no ductwork or you’re looking to have it removed, know that there are ductless options available.
3.       Is this company I’m choosing reliable and known for a professional reputation? This is your money being spent and therefore is best spent on a company you know will not only get the job done, but will also get it done in an efficient manner.
4.       What newer systems are available? In addition to ductless HVAC systems, there are many other options in units, as technology has grown over time. This includes digital thermostats and remote controlled thermostats.
5.       Will this system I’m choosing increase or decrease my utility bill? Research the model you’re looking at to determine if it’s the right unit for your income. Also, don’t be afraid to ask about rebates and tax credits.
6.       What brands do you recommend and why? No one knows the products better than those who sell and install the units. They’re here to help with any issue or questions you may have. If you know someone who has used this company before, feel free to ask about the brand in their home and their experience with it.
7.       When it comes to permits and approvals, will these be taken care of by the company? Find out what they will be handling so you know where and how to fill in the void and nothing is unexpected or left unsettled.
8.       What are the payment plans? Some HVAC businesses may offer financing.
9.       What is the life span of this unit I’ve chosen? Ask about warranties and if a service contract is available.
10.   How long will the installation process take? Your time is valuable, especially as a customer. Determine how long the installation will take to adjust and plan your schedule/needs accordingly. If you are in possession of an older unit, some companies may dispose of it for you (this may not be included in the installation fee).

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